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How I changed to a Paleo diet with NO effort or drastic change

Hi! I'm Jaye Anne and I eat on purpose! 

For me, that means Paleo/Gluten-free. I didn't always eat that way. It was usually a steady diet of pasta-roni and chocolate chip cookies. My "health food" was coffee from McDonald's. But I made the transition to real food for health reasons.

I had back-to-back pregnancies and was breastfeeding both my kids. My nutritional stores were depleted. It felt like my muscles and bones were constantly on fire. Little did I know, I had postpartum depression. What I did know is I felt miserable all the time.

I read blog after blog after blog that told me how eating Paleo changed their lives dramatically. I didn't feel like I had the willpower to make such a drastic change. I mean, I had to give up bread and pasta? I am not a willpower person.

I knew I couldn't pull up to any drive thru and get locally raised chicken with spaghetti squash. And drive-thru was my lunches and most dinners.

Yet, I had dreams:

-I wanted know the feeling of walking into the mall and trying on an expensive dress in a size smaller than I could imagine myself fitting into. 

-I wanted to know what it felt like to carry my kids without feeling so much of the earth's gravity on my bones and joints.

-I wanted to know what it felt like to enjoy foods that my strengthened my body and dislike foods that weakened it.

-Hell, I wanted to feel healthy enough to get off the couch all day!

I sent my wishes to the universe and forgot about them. And guess what happened?

35 lbs came off effortlessly and without even exercising. 

I remember the time I put on size 6 pants (I had been wearing a size 12). I thought to myself, "could these be too big? No way!" Then I fit comfortably into a size 4. I looked in the mirror and saw a shape I never imagined I could see on me. That look was for models, not me. But there I was, completely in that shape. And I've kept that look for over 3 years.

So what did I do?

Yes, I changed my food. It wasn't drastic or overnight. It was easy because I took small steps. It was easy because I let myself take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. It was easy because I learned how to understand my emotions.

Emotions are the signposts to understanding what's wrong in your life so you can change it. It's a communication from YOU to YOU. 

Not everyone changes their food overnight. In fact, the drastic changers are more likely to stop doing it. And the gradual route can be hard to stick to and easy to fall out of. So what's a person to do?

That's what this blog is dedicated to helping you with-- making small, easy changes that you can stick to, so eating healthy becomes second nature. AND helping you understand and use your emotions so they keep you on the bandwagon. Everyone deserves an easy, healthy life.

I am also accepting life coaching clients for people who want to make a focused change to their health and don't know where to start.

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