Friday, March 7, 2014

Weird Ingredients: Bulletproof Beet Kvass

Now is the time to make change.  Not later.  Later doesn't really exist.  So I have decided to do a 21-day sugar detox on steroids kombucha to really push my health and energy levels massively forward.  (Also, I think a side effect of this is fewer Warrior Mama episodes at my kids.)  I am doing level 3, which cuts out not only all grains but also all dairy.  Get ready because I am making additional changes.  I am not having eggs or legumes (peas are ok sometimes), and I am cutting out coffee.

I love coffee.  I love the taste; I love the creamy richness and the smell.  What I don't like about it is how dehydrated I get when I drink it.  And then I'm not even thirsty.  I don't like how jittery I get and then how I crash later.  Hard.  I'm talking pass-out-on-the-couch at 2:30-hard.  Then the inflammation sets in.  Heat all over my body.  So... I guess there are a few good reasons for me not to drink the warm beverage.

Warm beverage is the best thing about the mornings.  So I need a replacement.  Something creamy, but not trying to be coffee.  I went with something tangy and filling; most importantly, it's warm and relaxing amid my nutso mornings.

Here is my recipe for bulletproof beet kvass:

1 cup hot water
1 generous scoop butter
1 generous scoop coconut oil
2-3 Tbsp beet kvass (try this recipe)
1 scoop vitamin C powder (I used Camu Camu berry but Acerola or Amalki powder will work)
squeeze of lemon juice

1.  Find your favorite mug.  You know, the one that fits your hands perfectly and creates an oasis a midst chaos.
2.  Pour in the hot water and add the butter and coconut oil.  Colder oils will cool the water down just enough so it's not too hot for the other ingredients or your mouth.
3.  Add the cold beet kvass.
4.  Stir in the vitamin C powder.
5.  Sip generously.

How do you upgrade your food?
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  1. Wow, I'm so intrigued! I just discovered a love of ghee in my tea, this might get me actually liking beet kvass.

  2. Wow what an interesting recipe! I love kvas (which I used to drink on visits to Russia to see my grandparents) but never tried beet kvas before

  3. I love kvass! i got a bunch of beets to make some and haven't made time for it yet. Food upgrades, what a good idea. i know that i can upgrade my day by eating an ounce of liver in the morning, does that count? lol.

    1. Oh that's hardcore! You knock that one out of the park with liver :-)