Monday, April 9, 2012

Shh... Pre-opening of the store

Hey baby lovers!

I have gotten my store and running early!  Hooray!  The site is committed to providing safe and sustainable alternatives to our usual (toxic) bath products.  It's not as beautiful or perfect as I would like, but there are items to buy!  My favorites:

Babybearshop's cheeky baby butter
It's a rich creamy butter that is so hydrating with such a tiny bit!  I personally love to use it on my hands in the winter, and is great for dry baby skin (including eczema).  It has a hint of orange and lavender scent that comes only from essential oils.

Sum-Bo-Shine's veggie crayons
Ok, so it's not a bath product.  But these crayons are made from cocoa butter and real vegetable pigments!  They are also shaped perfectly to fit in a toddler's hand without too much coordination (even 8-month-old Xavi can color using these) and are stackable.  And I love crayons!!

Episcencial's sunny sunscreen
This sunscreen is one of EWG's top-rated sunscreens.  With summer on the horizon, we gotta keep our skin safe!

Because the site is pre-launching and is not as pretty as it will be, and because I just love you all, I will give everyone 15% off!  Just use the checkout code open15 and automatically get 15% off.  Let me know what you think of the site and how your overall ordering experience was.  What kind of beauty products would you like to replace with non-toxic items?

Happy Monday!
Jaye Anne

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